Notary Service

Oklahoma Federal Credit Union has notaries available during regular business hours at all branches. This is a FREE service to our members.

Money Orders

Available at a fee of $1.00 per Money Order.

Cashier Checks

Available at a fee of $3.00 per Cashier Check.

VISA Cash Advances

VISA Cash Advances available at the Main OKFCU Branch (517 NE 36th Street) for all VISA Cards.

VISA Gift Cards

Select the amount you would like on the card ($500.00 max). Gift Cards are available at a fee of $2.50 per card and are non-renewable.

Bill Pay

A FREE service to members. Simply visit OKFCU’s web site: and click on NetBranch. Once you’re logged in,, simply sign up for Bill Pay.

Direct Deposits (ACH Deposits)

Direct Deposits (ACH Deposits) accepted at OKFCU.  Please set up with your Human Resources Department.

24 Hour Depository

Located at the Main OKFCU Branch (517 NE 36th Street) in the drive-thru lane.

Discount Tickets

Discount tickets are offered (seasonally) to Six Flags Over Texas and Oklahoma City’s White Water Bay/Frontier City. Contact your Credit Union Representative for ticket prices. Prices vary from season to season.

Turbo Tax

The Turbo Tax service is available to members through NetBranch. OKFCU members receive a 10% discount.

24–Hour Access:

ReddiTeller 24

The automated phone teller allows you to access account information via the telephone. Services available via ReddiTeller 24 include check recent transactions, make loan payments and transfer money within the account. 1-800-214-4414


The online connection to real-time account information. NetBranch available services include access to view recent transactions and account statements, make loan payments, transfer money within accounts and FREE E-Statements.

Credit Union Service Centers

These centers offer a nationwide network of credit union branches that can access your accounts. There are currently over one thousand Credit Union Service Centers around the country. Visit for additional information.

ATM/Debit Cards

These cards offer an easy way to make purchases and withdrawals worldwide. OKFCU offers the ATM card and the combination ATM/Debit card. The OKFCU VISA Debit card works just like a check and is honored anywhere VISA is accepted.

ATM Zone

OKFCU is a member of the ATM Zone. This allows OKFCU members access to over 1,000 ATM machines in Oklahoma and 13 other states, without having to pay a surcharge. Plus, FREE ATMs at metro 7-11 stores.