Loans & Credit Cards

Loans are available for new and used vehicles. The rate and term are determined by the year of the vehicle, loan term and your individual credit history. Terms up to 84 months are available for new vehicles, and up to 72 months for used vehicles. The credit union offers Extended Warranties and GAP insurance for these loans. OKFCU also offers loan pre-approvals that allow you to focus on finding the right car for the right price and not worrying about financing.

These loans are available for motorcycles, boats and RVs. Terms up to 120 months are available and vary according to the model year, term, your individual credit history and type of recreational vehicle.

Risk Based Lending takes many criteria into account when considering a loan. This type of lending is intended to help those who have a lower credit score get a loan and rebuild their credit. Loan rates vary. Contact an OKFCU Loan Officer for additional information.

Loans based on your signature and individual credit history. Up to $14,000.00 can be borrowed with available terms up to 36 months.

OKFCU offers mortgage loans and home equity loans. Mortgage loans can be used for a new home purchase and the home equity loan is a great way to take advantage of the equity you earned.

OKFCU offers Route 66 Warranties. These warranties offer a complete line of coverage designed to keep your vehicle on the road. No matter where in the United States, you are protected against major mechanical expenses and there is NO DEDUCTIBLE on covered parts or labor. All plans come with a rental car allowance and 24/7 emergency roadside service.

GAP helps pay off your remaining loan/lease balance (after your vehicle insurance pays) if your vehicle is stolen or damaged and is deemed to be a total loss. GAP can be included as a small addition to your monthly payment. GAP helps clear your credit allowing you to start fresh with a new vehicle purchase. Low cost insurance for peace of mind.

Each member also receives a FREE $1,000.00 Accidental Death Insurance Policy.  Please ask for a certificate for full details on your coverage.

For a low monthly fee added to your loan, credit life insurance pays the insured balance of your loan (up to the policy maximum) in the event of your death.  This ensures your family will not be left with your loan debt.  Ask your loan officer for details on your next visit.

If you have Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction with OKFCU, you can receive 0.50% off the published loan rate.

VISA: The VISA card offers world-wide purchasing power. OKFCU offers a fixed rate VISA card with a 10-day grace period, online access to your credit card account, NO annual fee, NO balance transfer fees, NO cash advance fees, and low monthly payments.

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