Pay Your Loan Online

Pay Your Loan Online

Pay Your Loan Online

Introducing Our New Convenient Service

Oklahoma Federal Credit Union is making it easy to pay your loan with its new online payment system. Click here or follow the links on our Loans & Credit Cards page to make secure payments through our online loan payment portal.

Enjoy the convenience of making a one-time payment each billing cycle, set up an automatically recurring payment or make extra payments on demand at any time. Loan payments can be debited from your checking or savings account at the bank or credit union of your choice. You may also make your payments from a credit or debit card (where available).

All payments are applied directly to your loan account the next business day or on the posting date you have selected and will automatically be credited toward your loan balance. You can also choose to receive payment reminders and confirmations for every transaction via email. The portal gives your access to your full payment history and allows you to update your personal information, password and payment preferences.

OKFCU’s online loan payment service uses the latest security and encryption standards to ensure your payment information is secure and confidential. The online payment portal meets all NACHA and PCI requirements for secure transaction processing.

Getting started

  1. Click here or follow the links on our Loans & Credit Cards page.
  2. First-time users will need to register and create a password. Follow any helpful instructions displayed on the login page for entering your OKFCU loan account number.
  3. Select your preferred payment method, and type your checking/savings account information (or credit/debit card where available).
  4. Enter the payment amount you wish to make (or the amount due as shown) and the payment date, and select the payment frequency.
  5. Review your loan payment request, and be sure to read the terms and conditions prior to submitting your payment.
  6. After submitting your payment, you will receive an immediate confirmation.

All registration and payment information is securely retained. It is not necessary to re-enter it upon future visits. Simply log in with your loan account number and password!

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